Methods of machine carpet cleaning

methods-of-machine-carpet-cleaningCarpets should be cleaned once a year or, if necessary, more frequently. You can clean the carpet by hand or use carpet shampoo, or use one of two types of electrical machines for cleaning: foam cleaner, or more efficient vacuum machine, which sucks the water. Both machines can be rented; One day will be enough to clean the carpets in the house of 5-6 rooms.

Machines for carpet cleaning with shampoo can have various designs, but typically consist of a tank located on the handle with a solution of detergent in water and brushes which rotate under the action of motor and rub detergent solution into the carpet surface. Foam with shampoo weakens adhesion of dirt particles with carpet and when it dries it forms a crystalline skin around them. Then the foam with the dirt is removed with a vacuum cleaner. Use only the recommended detergent or shampoo for carpets, as other household detergents require rinsing and can leave a sticky skin that attracts dirt.

Cleaning Methods

Cleaning with shampoo is easier and cheaper than the cleaning by suction of water, but in the consequence of frequent cleaning with shampoo layer of detergent stays on the carpet. Some professionals do not recommend the use shampoos at all; if you clean the carpet with shampoo, do it with a powerful vacuum cleaner which sucks off the water, and removes the remains of detergent.

The principle of operation of the vacuum cleaning machines, which suck off the water, is based on the spraying on the carpet under the pressure detergent solution with low foaming and immediate suction of 90% of solution together with the dirt. To do this, the machine is equipped with two vacuum pumps and reservoirs for the detergent solution and the solution which is raised from the floor. Preparation of machine for work means to fill the tank up to the specified level with warm water (hot water can damage the carpet). Detergent is added according to the manufacturer’s recommendations – usually 350 ml on a full tank. Tank for waste liquid must be washed and you should pour in it a little bit of substance, which reduces the formation of foam. Choose the warm windy day for cleaning and open all windows for quick drying of carpets. Take out as much furniture as possible and put the foil or plastic bags under the metal legs of other to protect the carpet from possible rust spots. Clean the carpet thoroughly with vacuum cleaner and remove all stains. Check out a small portion of the carpet on the coloring strength when you use the detergent. To do this, wet a cloth in the solution and rub the carpet. Especially natural paints are fragile under the action of the shampoo, which are painted on some carpets.

carpet-cleanerWhen clean with both machines, do not allow the overwetting of carpet and don’t press so often the button of solution. Excess of water can cause shrinkage of jute fibers of carpet, whereby it can come off by adhesive ribbon and grips. Excess of detergent may also lead to dissolution of the dye and the lining, which will rise to the surface of the carpet and leave stains on it. Carpets that are subjected to vacuum wet cleaning, dry usually for several hours. When you clean without water extraction you should leave the carpet for one night drying of foam and then cleaning with vacuum cleaner. If you want to place the furniture to dry the carpet, wrap all the metallic feet or wheels with foil or plastic bags.